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Wooden Tables |

Wooden table

A wooden table can ideally complement our wooden chairs. In our assortment, there are tables in variety of shapes available, oval, square or regular coffee tables.  Find furniture ideal for you and your family in Beliani online shop. Our products are made of the highest quality wood and feature aesthetic and elegant look. Tables are exceptionally stable and suited to be matched with aluminum or stainless steel.

Some of our tables feature umbrella hole inserts so that parasols can protect us against excessive sun radiation. Additional covers can be purchased to protect tables against cold and rain.

Among others, in our shop one can find furniture made from highest quality teak wood. Those pieces of furniture are highly luxurious. Similarly to other Beliani products, garden, living room or office furniture are made of very precious wood. Give it a try and place an order in our shop now.


* All prices incl. VAT and incl. shipping cost

4.94 / 5.00 6538


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